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  1. @wdspoon1 lmao so you think 52 goals in one season, being top scorer in the spl for every season he was there apart from the year he broke his leg and two winning assists in a champions league final is 2nd rate? and what you on about booing larsson? ive never boo’d larsson i fucking love him!

  2. @CelticIFc yep, and it only took 7 years for that to happen for henrik, whereas its taken probably nearly twice the time for boyd. henrik has always been MILES ahead of boyd, and anyone who justifies even thinking of comparing them closely is a fool.

  3. Kris Boyds name should not even be mentioned alongside Henriks. When Larsson left he joined Barca and went on to Man Utd. Boyd went to Middlesborough who are currently fighting relegeation in the championship? lol sorry but Boyd is NOTHING compared to Henrik. Larsson had it all Celtic will never get another foreign player like him. A true legend.

  4. Henrik Larsson you gave me and all Celtic fans across the world 7 of the best years of our lives and NO ONE ELSE in the history of the universe has a better relationship than you Henrik and the worldwide Celtic family.

    For me my fave 3 goals of yours were THAT GOAL when you chipped Klos in the 6-2 game,the one away to Boavista that took us to the UEFA Cup final and finally your goal from an EXTREMELY acute angle at Ibrox when we humped them 3-0.

    Hail Hail and god bless you!

  5. Larsson was infinitely better than McCoist. McCoist was good at getting the ball in the net, but had no all round quality- Larsson had it all. Larsson also proved himself at every level.

    Also, most goals are quite simple, you probably think this is unusual because you are a part timer who just watches the best bits


  7. who would suit the no 7 jersey best * samaras, hooper, stokes, rassmussen, mcgowan, murphy? *

  8. In the beginning God created the world. A few million years he repeated this accomplishment by creating Henrik Larson!!!!

  9. In the beginning God created the world. A few million years he repeated this accomplishment by creating Henrik Larson!!!!

  10. Most of these goals are basic tap ins. Typical Celts. Nothing to be happy about but always find something to be happy about. Kris Boyd was the Scottish Fernando Torres before Strachan ruined his career. For sure though, Larsson was the greatest behind Ally.

  11. one of the best players the world ever sow but he doesnt had the media he should hav like maradona and pele
    the same thing with paggio and gouardiulla when ha was a player

    players of champions


  12. @TheSeamlusgitt Thanks, yer i didnt know how to make it loop or go slower to put it to the end sorry :/

  13. @kyleboy187 ‘Big Jock Knew’ How to win the European Cup. Remember that you bitter hun.

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