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  1. Nazi’s. Were you snorting Buckie and completely monged when your fans gave it Nazi salutes in Israel? Your Scum actually have links with loyalists terrorism, the BNP and C18 but it’s the Hoops that are the Nazi’s? Think you’re that hunnish and deranged that you’re now making shit up while I present facts. Fuck U and your BJK crew!!

  2. Still hurting from me humiliating you, eh ? lol Get back to me when Rangers are shut down by UEFA as the vile Celtic bheasts were in 1984 because of their Nazi thugs rioting in both Glasgow and Manchester. Oh, and as Diouf superbly put it, who is Scott Brown ? lol BJK

    Celtic FC – The club of choice for paedos and Nazis.

  3. @16881873 Alas I seem to have caught a big hun fish, a prime specimen of a bottom feeder. Keep adopting the Media House approved propaganda that gave us ‘it was them Chelsea fans who wrecked Manchester’. Keep singing songs that have been legally considered to be racist and continue believing that tax avoidance didn’t cost British troops their lives when you buy your next poppy. BTW I’m not a Kafflick but that’s the difference between our clubs. One of them is inclusive. BROONY!!! GIRFUY!!!!

  4. @Moustafro You’ll need to do better than this. lol Tax Income received goes to The Treasury, not to Her Majesty personally. You’re a fine example of a Kafflik edookayshun. Next illiterate bheast, please step up to be humiliated. BJK

  5. @16881873 Sweep Sweep. How many armoured personnel carriers could your brave boys and girls have had in Iraq and Afghanistan if you hadn’t opted to avoid (rob) old Lizzie of her tax pounds? It does appear that the cretinism you’re afflicted with has spread to your brain. RFC – tainted titles and the blood of British troops in on their hands.

  6. @Moustafro You’re that educationally subnormal that you cannot differentiate between tax evasion and tax avoidance, which every legitimate business employs. lol Get educated before replying to posts. BJK

    Celtic FC – Unwanted in both Ireland and Scotland since 1888.

  7. @thebaldybishop He did, he knew that yer maw was a pure WHOOOORE who gave gammies in exchange for empty Irn Bru bottles until she managed to gather enough to buy a packet of 10 Club. She could do things with her tongue that would make a whore blush. Fuck the Gers and the EDL!!!

  8. @andythehun09 WATP? It’s only taken you doss fuckers over a hundred years to figure out that you’re people. When will you grasp the concept that the earth orbits the Sun? 2073 perhaps?

  9. @16881873 Rangers FC, claim to support the Her Majesty’s armed forces yet they evade taxation. Think about it, they don’t contribute towards the purchase of supplies and equipment for their so called brave boys and girls yet claim to support the armed forces. A club that is clearly mentally ill.

  10. oooo come on you think that healy and diouff are good 2 washed up players that could not score in a whore house…..Stokes and Hooper are the strikers that will cause the damage when it comes to you huns! lets face it u dont have money and come the end of the season you will have to declare bankrup….ooo what fun that will be to watch the Huns go down HA HA HA

  11. i look forward to sunday,healy playing the sash after scoring,and diouff spitting in a celts face….w.a,t.p

  12. passion my arse,between 10 and 20 thousand empty seats at paedo park this season..face the facts, you are now a small and insignificant club.

  13. Y the fuck have u got that wanker miler on the video would have been a really gd 1 till that rat showed his face in it

  14. @IslamicTerd Is this the best you can do to counter Celtic FC’s globally renowned paedo shame ? lol BJK

    Celtic FC – The club of choice for paedos and Nazis.

  15. the jersey looks like a twister ice cream!! hahaha. who are these pricks?
    they look a bunch of bellends. and one of thems a fuckin ginger!!!

  16. Athletic Bilbao-Celtic next 26th. March 2011 at San Mamรฉs Stadium.

    I have just read the new in the newspapers and iยดm vey happy.

    Brothers you are welcome to the basque country, it will be a match in order to get money for the amateur basque country teams… it will be a dream to play with your team you are welcome to the Basque Country… GORA EUSKADI, GORA ESKOZIA TA GORA IRLANDA.

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