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  1. celtic is the greatest team 🙂

    greetings from germany 🙂

    what is this for a song?

  2. Jim Torbett gave Alan Brazil hardcore anal fisting/drilling.. And Big Jock knew. Tut tut!

  3. @DundeeBM seriously why u even botherin the video is called Celtic Fc

    not rangers fc (wankers)

  4. @TheBossnoob You sure you were not at celtic park opps meant to say the piggery if that makes sence….i also saw the pop yesterday and seen charlie (the tim) nicholas there shoutin fuck the pope and the I.R.A but im sure he never meant to shout that he must have been drinkin wots it called that weegie stuff buckfast right ? then shoutin afterwards god bless the queen and the U.D.A now i new were the wiff was comin from

  5. a went to see the pope yesterday and when goin home there was smell of crap everywhere but when i got to ibrox a knew where the wiff was comin from

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