21 replies on “Celtic Football Club – Thanks For The Memories”

  1. if only larson , heartson, sutton, balde and lennon could’ve played forever

  2. hello fellow tims
    join up to the great new celtic forum called four leaf clover
    start posting and discusing the great club we love
    the link is:

  3. This refers to the sex scandal involving members of celtic boys club who are apart of celtic football club. Jock Stein knew about the child abuse going within the boys club, specifically youth coach Jim Torbett who raped players such as Alan Brazil. Jock Stein knew about this however he never went to the police, instead he covered the scandal up

  4. I love watching celtic play especially when they are like this,
    hopefully mowbray can get us back into shape!!!

  5. some song nd vid but u shood put the goals of the european cup final in aswell lol

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