Celtic v Rangers – Reasons to Support Celtic

Any person who wishes to know a lot more on the background of Celtic and anti-catholic/ anti-Irish sectarianism in Scotland can go through this insightful essay: www.idrottsforum.org (Edit – please note that Rangers Fans are becoming permitted a reasonably free of charge reign as i imagine in free of charge speech – so please see by means of their drivel – however some of their feedback WILL be deleted due to unecessary obscenity and explanations will be offered when this takes place). A brief insight into the attractiveness of Celtic Football Club and our struggle in opposition to evil forces this kind of as bigotry, sectarianism, and establishment bias in Scotland. This is just a snippet of a video for anyone who is interested, please go to the Celtic website and search at the Social Mission Statement: www.celticfc.net The most gorgeous football club in the world with the very best enthusiasts and the finest planet-extensive assistance. The background of this exceptional football club is almost certainly the finest in the world, and the most intriguing . Very first winners of the European Cup in Britain, in spite of genuine political forces at operate against us. Welcome to the Celtic Fan Club ­čÖé
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  1. I don’t hate Celtic because of their Irish roots, I hate them because they are whingin sour faced cunts that think the world is against them, and guess what……it is!

  2. @ranbrent they sing IRA Songs at every away ground they go to who are terrorist scum , no surrender go get beasted by yer preist ya pepel cunt

  3. @magicbougherra celtic fans are terrorist supporters? hmmm thats a bit harsh is it not? alot of famous people support celtic,now does that mean they support a terrorist? No most people are celtic supporters and catholic or irish blood.Now explain what the I.R.A did? or are you just a typical hun that listens to his dad that is in the orange order giving it the bigot?.Please just please give me one story of what the I.R.A did and i bet you i can come straight back with the U.D.A or U.V.F or U.F.F

  4. great vid bur @2:20 you missed the chance to mention that there were 22 arrests at Ibrox the same night for fighting among themselves, which kinds of blows this “fans that go to Ibrox week in week out wouldnae do this” shite out of the water.

  5. @magicbougherra u tryn tae get wide or sumit? ill fukin destory u n blow up yer shity ibrox stadium

  6. @scotchprofessor “Reasons´╗┐´╗┐ to support Celtic: bigotry, glory hunting.”
    Surely if you are a bigot you would pick rangers, as they get the benefits.
    As for glory hunting, I don’t know if you have seen Celtic play lately…

  7. @scotchprofessor “Reasons´╗┐´╗┐ to support Celtic: bigotry, glory hunting.”
    Surely if you are a bigot you would pick rangers, as they get the benefits.
    As for glory hunting, I don’t know if you have seen Celtic play lately…

  8. i get what you’re saying scotchprof… but it is hard being a celtic fan from ireland thrown into the same melting pot as that other mob… irish celtic fans have just as much right to follow a team from outside their country as lets say, irish pool fans, or manu, or in my missus’ case, coventry (god love her)…. point being, all hibernian celtic fans are not flag waving nationalists…. some of us actually just love our club….personally i think all flags and religions should be burned

  9. @KingMurphyOfIreland Oh dear, is that the best you can do: the old you’re-a-bigot-because-you-hate-bigotry line? What a lazy, childish, and wholly redundant argument.

    Might you be able to answer me, then: why did you ramble on about Rangers for 90% of your post? As you said, and I quote: “theres [sic] no exonerating of CELTIC”. My point exactly.

    If you’re from Ireland, why don’t you support your local team? Drawn to Celtic for the glory or the bigotry?

  10. @16881873 ive read your dumb comments before and they are all the same shite as the man says where is your proof

  11. @scotchprofessor theres no exonerating of CELTIC, im just backing them up with my support and it does seem to me that you are a bigot as you freely admit

  12. @ScandalousKincora You’ve been publicly humiliated on Celtic’s Nazi and paedo shame that everybody just mocks and laughs at you. Its too easy……lol BJK

  13. @KingMurphyOfIreland Why have you taken up 90% of your reply discussing Rangers? I’m not a fan of the club in any way. I described them as shameful.

    Is your single line of argument to exonerate Celtic by saying your great rivals are evil? What a truly bankrupt state of reasoning.

    I’d rather be a joke than a glory hunter and a twisted bigot.

  14. @scotchprofessor Reasons to support Rangers: Anti-Catholic, haven’t won a Big Boy’s Teams’ Cup, like to Riot ,like Nazi Salutes,Enjoy being battered by truncheons by foreign Police, Enjoy being sprayed with CS gas,Always blaming everyone else for trouble,Enjoy insulting every nation you face,Enjoy insulting every religion you face, Love to give others a laugh in European games……and the list goes on
    The Rest of the SPL: Scotland’s joke

  15. Reasons to support Celtic: bigotry, glory hunting.

    The Old Firm: Scotland’s shame.

  16. @ScandalousKincora thanks mate, i know we shouldn’t be bad to those less fortunate, but he is a liar as everyone knows, HAIL HAIL

  17. @16881873 here i am, right you do you want embarrassed in public again, i see KingMurphy has already started so i’ll keep out of it as its already and unfair debate 1 vs1, so go easy on him Murph, he must be feeling delicate after the mauling i have given him recently, but he still insists on lying
    Rangers FC choice of Nazi thugs and rioters , YouTubers know as did Big Ian Paisley

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