Fantasy Football and the joy of naming your team

Article by Lenny Pappano

It’s about that time of 12 months when the employees is completed with our 2010 fantasy football player rankings, and we’ll consider a break from generating your Fantasy Football Cheatsheet for 2010, so we turn for a second to other weighty matters. You know the genuinely important ones, like coming up with fantasy football group names.

My favorites from a couple of my 2009 teams had been:

“She Begged for Each Inches” (who needs Enzyte?!)

“My Mamma Peanut” (If you check out the Kevin Garnett interview soon after the Celtics won their 2008 NBA Championship, he gives a shout out to My Mamma Peanut… whoever that is, I cherished the interview and adopted it as a team title)

A number of a lot more that we dug up in a Google search rendered these gems from

“A number of Scorgasms” (for the chicks)

“Romosexual Tendencies” (for Cowboy fans with a man-crush on their QB)

“Show Me Ya TDs” (for the Mardi Gras crowd)

“Addai in Your Rest (for Dr. Kevorkian supporters)

“A Vick in a Box” (for the Justin Timberlake enthusiasts)

“Reverse Cowgirls” (for fans of the Cowboy cheerleaders)

“Urine Trouble” (for urologists)

“Victorious Secret” (for every person)

“The Guns of Hoculi” (for Broncos followers)

“Don’t forget the Trojans” (for USC enthusiasts and unwed moms)

“Tom Brady’s Inglorious Bastards” (See above)

Still considering about some crew fantasy football names for 2010, but here’s my brief listing so far:

“Two Flush Dump” (the toilet in our new office requirements some aid)

“Golden Tate’s Donuts” (so excellent, they’re really worth robbing the put)

“Bill’s Wang” (in honor of the Bills’ historic draft choose)

So there you have it. Make certain to melt away some time at perform in the next few weeks to arrive up with your own record. Attempt to maintain it fairly PG13 so you can also sense free of charge to arrive to our web site and share.

About the Author

Lenny Pappano is co-founder of Draft Sharks. In his ten years of encounter in the fantasy football organization Pappano has won several awards like a number of Fantasy Specialist leagues and polls because 1999. He also took the FSWA’s award for “Greatest Fantasy Football Article” with his acclaimed piece, “Confessions of a Fantasy Expert.” Pappano has written posts for countless FF magazines and he’s 1 of the biggest names in this industry.