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  1. “This game and game vs QPR in Belgrade, once in the life time.”

    That makes 2 once in a lifetimes mate 🙂

    Nice to see you stuff the manky mob tho…

  2. I am a gers fan and Iwas 12 when this game was played. I remember listening to it on the radio and watching the highlighhts afterward. One of the great european nights in Scotland. A memorable match.

  3. Proud to be Partizan fan ! Year before Celtic was European champion (1966) Partizan play against Real Madrid in champions league final – first team from East Europe to go that far

    Most exiting Partizan matches:

    1955. Real Madrid – Partizan 4:0, Partizan – Real Madrid 3:0

    1966. Sparta Prague – Partizan 4:1, Partizan – Sparta Prague 5:0

    1966. Partizan – Real Madrid 1:2 (CL final)

    1984. QPR – Partizan 6:2, Partizan – QPR 4:0

    1989. Partizan – Celtic 2:1, Celtic – Partizan 5:4

  4. What a game indeed, 4 goals by the Polish player Dziekanowski, wow but Belgrade won in the last minute.

  5. Keeper was Pandurovic, not Omerovic. Hearing the comentator’s pronounce of our last names – priceless :)).
    This game and game vs QPR in Belgrade, once in the life time.

  6. is Fahro Omerovic the worst goalie in the world or what.

    look at those goals he allowed. what a goofball he was.

  7. Oh my! One of the best games I have been at – altho terribly upset at the outcome. I am in tihs clip – when Jackie scores his 4th he comes running right up to me, my mum and dad (God rest their souls!)…priceless clip this! It’s also on one of Celtic’s quiz dvds – and made me cry when I saw it last Christmas! Makes me remember never to get a perm again! Beamer!

  8. Will never forget this game. Was aged 18. 9 goals, 4 by Dziekanowski. And we still lost. Amazing but terrible.

  9. that’s my partizan. always playing attacking football for one more goal. we like to play with british teams, same football school we learned.

  10. One of the best games I have ever been at. I was 16 years old and in the Jungle that night. Amazing match. Fantastic attacking football from both sides. I have always taken an interest in Partizan Belgrade since that night. God bless Celtic and God bless Partizan.



    if you like CELTIC you will love that! very FUNNY! (especially if you dont like HUNS)

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