SP Braga 3-0 Celtic FC – All goals and highlights – Champions League qualifying round 1st leg

Objectives from this Champions League qualifier between Braga and Celtic. SP Braga v Celtic FC three- – All objectives and highlights

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  1. yet again its left to Rangers, at least with a respectable draw to man u a bit of pride has been re-installed

  2. @billycromwell1690 tht may be so but i cant imagine get beat 4 1 off an unheard of romanian team at home

  3. I heard with some amusement an advert on the radio for Celtic season tickets. ” come and see Neil Lennons´╗┐ Parkhead revolution” they said

    would that be the revolution where they actually make some progress in The Champions League ??


  4. @nbeattie50444 scottish football is getting worse every day. just to clarify this to you, I support Juventus.

  5. @JAbianconero What happened to the good old days? 1983 – the Dons were the best team in the world… now they are lucky if they can sign english league 2 players! Scottish football needs to get back to basics and teaching the young kids .. try and get them away from the methodone queues!!

  6. @nbeattie50444 Some champions have played though. Yes mathematically they need at least 3 matches, but realistically they are out because even in a shit group as last years they were last! It really depends on who they get in the group stage, but lets suppose they get Barca, Lyon and Sampdoria, all realistic opponents, if they get that group they are out realistically speaking, you know what I mean? Anyways Celtic are worse than Rangers, a lot fucking worse.

  7. Celtic are out of Champions league before any of the champions have played a single match yet.. plus rangers have to play atleast 3 times before they are out (mathematically)… It pays to win your domestic league title… celtic didnt do that… and neither did Braga!

  8. @reecenolan
    they are in the last europa league qualifiers

    Scottisch football have become really low level

  9. can someone clarify for me please? i have someone at one side telling me that celtic are out of europe completely and the other is telling me that they drop to europa qualifiers.

  10. @AllyHunter1992 Well, I thought you were going to understand my sarcasm, anyways, you did said celtic were going to win 3 if not 4-0 in glasgow, and i don’t see that happening anytime soon. And the only reason rangers are not out is because they haven’t played a single match yet.

  11. @JAbianconero when did i ever say celtic were going to win 10-0? i dont even support celtic ya cock sucking retard, read my previous comments again and youll see i never said they would win 10-0 or that i support celtic. i support rangers mate

  12. @AllyHunter1992 whats going on? i thought celtic were going to win 10-0 in glasgow? hahahah 42 minutes, Celtic 0-1 Braga!! hahahahah you are out what a joke of a team!

  13. that was the same story last season and rangers walked it.. if rangers sign Jelavic, that’ll be their first signing in two years.. all they have been doing is bringing though players for the priemership and middlesburgh. celtic have been signing anyone and everyone.. players, managers staff etc.. they’ll sruggle again against teams that are organised and are settled… ie Motherwell, Rangers, Dundee Utd etc….. anyway, epl is really boring!!,…. come one barca!!

  14. dont think so man celtic look good with all their new signings while rangers look well kinda fucked with a thin squad. anyway fuck the spl. cmon man u!

  15. Ha ha ha! Celtic outclassed… can they turn it around tomorrow night – dont think so!! ha ha.. 3 in a row here we go! Rangers will sell all their best players and still win the league ha ha!!

  16. jabiancoero u refugee cunt.tell me 2 more teams that can win the premiership then. and also why dont u go home ur 2 your own country.and keep ur fuckin opinions 2 urself sponging foriegn bastard .

  17. @Dragonf1sh Meu grande filho da puta, roto do caralho, vai para a grandessissima puta que te pariu. Se fosses chupar pirocas ├ę que fazias bem.

    Translate that you dumb fuck.
    Your blabbering doesn’t make any sense and stop calling it SARCASM. I didn’t understand it was sarcasm because I never bragged about my team you dumbass, but I guess it would be easier to explain this to a fucking amoeba.

    Lost a lot of respect for scots now, not all of course just one jackass.

  18. somecunt needs to tell neil lennon that there is more to being a manager than just shouting aggressively at the players and officials..sack the stupid irish ginger ugly fucker

  19. Thanks everyone for giving me a laugh, god I love trolling. Oh and I’m so happy you watched my videos Williamwalace0, you made my day. And the final Celtic and rangers made it to was the Europa cup, the diddies cup you guys call it, so shut it.

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