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  1. i Remember the champions league when celtic wore in it , it was great to look at the late winners we had just fantastic Once Gordon left Celtic the heads dropped now were in a mess But OUR DAY WILL COME AGAIN AND WE’LL WIN IT COME ON U BHOYS IN GREEN

  2. In my eyes now Celtic FC is my favourite because a little team earned LARGE thing…They’ve got the cup .. and they WON it not cheat it…

  3. i love this song because my soccer coach showed the whole empire team this and we loved it i want to hear it before every soccer game

  4. Love this song!!!! Stand up for the champions, the Hoops!!!! The best!!!!

  5. so you know the first person to put this music up was on a chelsea video ¬¬ so stop copying other people’es videos

  6. Why the fuck was this added in November 2009? Rangers are champions just now and were back then.

  7. Outstanding song! We played a final earlier in the year and we made this the team anthem. Had it going all night and got the whole place bouncing! STAND UP FOR THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!

  8. Fc Copenhagen 3-1 Celtic
    Champions League 2006/2007 😀
    Won’t forget this Victory!!! 😀

  9. I agree 😛
    Celtic isn’t good 😛
    But Rangers are worse xDD
    It wasnt Celtic that won against Manchester United some few years ago xD
    Manchester United is the champions 😉

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