25 replies on “Celtic Fans Taking Over in Glasgow”

  1. @51wins that is plenty from you!! we’ll be having no more of your lying statistics. just like the bid for jelavic – just wrong!

  2. Come join us in the “Celtic FC Supporters” private league code 191503-60215 @ Barclays Fantasy Premier League, we need the bhoys.. (great prize by the way).

  3. @1999declan 4 – 2 and 3 in a row and 7 points clear. Shove THAT up your arsehole.

    Celtic FC – Fiddling kids since 1888

  4. All you huns better fuck off ;), we have the biggest fan base in the world and 51wins rangers dont have 50% of Glasgow so shove that back up your arsehole, brilliant video mate Hail Hail, and god bless :)!

  5. 50% of Glasgow are Rangers fans, 20% don’t care/other and 30% are Celtic fans….your an unwanted minority in Glasgow especially those who call themselves Irish Republicans.

  6. @scousechick87 im not a brit though im from ireland mate :L but yea always love seeing man u getting beat bunch of glory hunters

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