25 replies on “Celtic Fc – It Makes You Proud To Be A Celtic Fan”

  1. @ChrissyMeechan trust me mate, WHEN celtic beat the huns on sunday the title will be ours for sure!! 🙂
    hail hail!

  2. @ ChrissyMeechan: Thanx for the vid, Brough back tears of joy when nobody fucked us about………Hail-Hail.

  3. @essexnto wtf are you on about?
    im sure people from scotland and wales say they are SCOTTISH or WELSH before they are british and would defend their country rather than britian
    and wtf r u on abuh bananas?
    wasnt it the prods who throw bombs in august 2000? so dont fucking talk shit,

  4. @DaorDoBritney
    hmmm you a brainy one aren’t you, lets have a closer look at this einstein….white catholic people throwing bananas at black protestants vs white protestants not liking white catholic bigots, yet i am the ‘racist retard’?

    now let’s move on to scotland n wales, how do you think your oh so liberal selective inclusive/exclusive ‘i hate britain’ ramblings would go down in shall we say midlothian or glasgow and what about swansea? i reckon all them jack loyal lads may beg to differ

  5. @essexntowho bananas? who gives a fuck
    im not british, hate britian you are nothing but terrorists, and stuck up assholes (apart from scotland and wales they are actually nice countries)
    you are nothing but a racist cunt
    get a life you sad pathetic retard

  6. @DaorDoBritney
    who threw bananas at mark walters then, rangers fans was it you fuckin self denying British hating hypocrite bigot?

  7. I have one or two good ones but this is the best celtic vid on the net by a mile!!! Hail! Hail! make some more 🙂

  8. @PlayG0z ur a fucking pathetic idiot
    you know you love celtic thats why you spend your worthless life looking them up,
    you know fuck all about celtic so dont act as if you do, you live in canada so what would you know about a team miles and miles away
    rangers fans r nothing but racist scums, rangers are scotlands shame
    britian now they are WORSE than the nazi’s
    oh and it was the irish who founded celtic and ireland is a gr8 country so dnt say shit abuh it n scotland
    ur a idiot

  9. @PlayG0z It there’s one thing you’d remove from the internet it would be fucking idiots that know nothing about what they’re talking about. But what would poor PlayG0z do all day apart from sitting around and making shit up?

    Dog eater? Ya fucking dick.

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