William Gaillard Of UEFA Praises Glasgow Celtic Fans (at 3:15)

William Gaillard is the director of communications and Public Affairs for UEFA. He is getting interviewed following the 2007 UEFA Champions League Final among Liverpool and AC Milan at which there was trouble
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  1. what we have known for all these years-comes out the mouth of a neutral frenchman with no issues-celtic fc the greatest sporting institute in the world followed by the greatest fans in the world-my heart swells with pride at the very mention of her name-celtic-my 1st and last love and the only constant in our lives,she was there when iwas born and she will be there when i die thanks-we love you celtic and even when you lose it just makes us love you all the more-god bless and keep her-forever-j

  2. any fan of any team in the world are gonna try and get in2 a game for free if its poorly organised UEFAs fault.

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