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  1. The fan of the Celtic team is a team where an awful fan by which the fan with the prejudice to the racial discrimination and the race abuses a lot of Asians as the monkey exists.
    Never forgive the fan with the team that does such a racial discrimination as a sports lover.
    Apologize to the Ki Sung-Yueng player for the act abused as the monkey because the fan is included with the team.
    The team of the racial discrimination like Celtic must not exist.

  2. god bless wee fergus-he delivered every promise he made,he made money also but id rather hed took it than let us fold under the old board,and unthinkable though it seems now,but celtic were hours from going bust-also m kellys plan was to let celtic fold,then form a club called celtic united-bastards,in the future fergus will be appreciated for what he done-a statue shouldnt be out of the question

  3. The third song sums it all up, I remember watching this a year ago depressed at the state of our team. One year on and Lennon has brought back the thunder. Keep the faith.

  4. Celtic and the Clash – days don’t start any better than that. Seen this video many times before and I’ll see it many times yet. Never gets old. Cheers Moravcik.

  5. STILL THE BEST CELTIC VID ON YOUTUBE BY A MILE..p.s still doin its round on facebook..pps cheers for the vid advice..ive made 1 so far but this is class m8.

  6. Without a doubt, the best Celtic video on the web.
    Could watch this over and over.
    Hail Hail!

  7. their more than just a club to me without celtic a dont know what a would do 🙁

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