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  1. Funny how Gordon Smith played for them, then became top dog in the´╗┐ SFA the season they were handed everything on a plate, now he’s back at them. Paranoid? Dont try and tell me he didnt influence things in the background. I must be paranoid. Fuck the SFA. And fuck Rangers. Goodness prevails. Always. Mon The Celtic.

  2. @andyotaylor Under your logic, everyone knows it should have been 2-1 instead considering Hooper was denied a´╗┐ goal after taking it past your rapist goalkeeper. The assistant called it offside when it was not.

  3. @andyotaylor Like Dunfermline should have got a 1-1 draw when Aluko CHEATED to win the penalty or when Inverness should have had a 1-1 draw when they wrongly had a goal disallowed at Ibrox for offside, or as my fellow tim says about Hooper being´╗┐ 2 yards onside?



  4. I know we dont often get the chance to say those special 3 little words that mean so much in a friendship, what with life being so´╗┐ busy at times, so let me say it to you now as New Year approaches : FUCK THE´╗┐ HUNS !!!

  5. Hoppy year Rangers. Ha Ha 17 point turn´╗┐ around in a month get it right fuckin up ye’s.

  6. @andyotaylor you´╗┐ talk shit mate hooper was through on goal then took it by mcgregger when it was clearly onside so shut up ya hun cunt:) so both of us got cheated so shhhh

  7. fantastic´╗┐ what a night Deadly Joe Ledley ruined the Huns New Year Just can’t get enough

  8. Incredible, say what you like its still the biggest derby´╗┐ in the world and im a Liverpool fan. Well done Celtic!!! We just cant get enough.

  9. Cream rises to the Top, great night, performance and singing!
    Enjoy´╗┐ all you Bhoys & Ghirls!

    Hail! Hail! Eamon 67

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