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  1. Eso mismo me pregunto yo por que al reves?? como si fuera un trapo afanado o robado

  2. fuck u ya dirty inbred orange rangers rat what does it feel like having children wit ur sister u scabby proddie hun

  3. @FaithfulBhoy Aye, you’re right, but you went off on one for no reason there! What he meant was where he’s from when banners are stolen from another group they are displayed upside down – which is also a massive part of the ultra scene.

  4. Deary me. It is upside down because John Reid was chairman at the time, and the Green Brigade did not agree with him politically. It is not “stolen” from another team, it is a symbol throughout the world; all ultra groups do this when they want to show their dislike for the club’s chairpeople. You really don’t know anything, do you?

  5. so why is the banner upside down? here its a sign that it has been stolen from another group

  6. Its much better now as its end to end chanting! would love to see the wee boy chant to the full stadium hahaha! Fucking love being a Celtic supporter!

  7. First of all, banner is upside down for a reason. If you had any knowledge of Ultras, you’d know why. Second, we do class ourselfs as Glaswegian, hence why we sing Glasgow Celtic etc. Our roots are Irish, we remember this. Third, the song is not stolen from The Rangers at all, it is taken from French teams who produce the same chant. Now away go look up your facts before I embarass you some more.

  8. You dont know why the banner is upside down? Haha if you have no clue stop talking shit !

  9. Boring and repeitive song , your banner is upside down , your taking orders from a little kid , yous dont class yourself as Glasgow – or Scottish or British , yous stole the yankee doodle dandy part of your song from Rangers fans … Sad Smelltic Scum

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