0 thoughts on “I just cant get enough, Glasgow Celtic fans singing. Green Bridage Celtic Ultras.

  • TheCoatbridgeRebel says:

    @FaithfulBhoy I actually love you, that’s myself jumping up and down. God Bless mate.

  • Come join us in the “Celtic FC Supporters” private league code 191503-60215 @ Barclays Fantasy Premier League, we need the bhoys……

  • HecTicGamingPS says:

    Top fans but fucking hate the cunts who chant IRA Chants. honestly dont see why most of you carry irish flags? your scottish.. NO SURRENDER TO THE IRA SCUM.
    Rule Brittania!

  • MultiWilly14 says:

    Rangers just cant seem 2 get enuf of winning titles HAHA u fenian rebel bastards

    ohh hang neil lennon so fckin high
    step up and play


    Yoop Yoop Ya Fuck The RA Yeoo!!!
    Remember 1690 King Billy’s On The Wall
    Wer’s Bobby Sands That’s Right He’s Deed Ahahaah Burger Boy

  • really fucking english people cant say we have shite support look at manchester united and that they have about 3 songs look at the amount of songs we have and we have got the best fans in the world soo fucking get it up use english cunts !

  • CelticDan16 says:

    im english but my wholde family support celtic…..ooo ahh up the raaa….. surrounded by scotts and irishman my whole life….. JCGE > FTQ

  • IrishRugby2k10 says:

    I’m Irish. huge fan of Celtic.. one of these days i’m gonna go over to Scotland… nget to an old firm derby, and get involved in this atmosphere…. Something I “canny” miss! xD

  • MVChampions says:

    Respect from Melbourne, Australia! Look forward to versing you in a few weeks time, should be a cracking atmosphere if you lads carry on like this! Brilliant fans.

  • PlatinumCinemaHD says:

    @KidsRule999 Im english and with all due respect i love celtic because im both irish and scottish (dads side) and celtic have some of the most amazing fans ive seen

  • ilooveChasyLe says:

    @Muffingking2011 are u celtic or rangers?! Cuz if ur a rangers fan then ur a fucking ass hole and im gonna come and wrip ur fucking dick out… And trust me, it will bloody hurt…

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