25 replies on “Sheffield Wednesday 1-0 Rangers 24/7/13 Well Jump On The Heads Of Glasgow Celtic + Super Rangers Ole”

  1. My dream to attend a rangers game. Best fans in the world. Im a sheffield
    wednesday fan and im guttered about not having the return fixture

  2. Celtic yet again complaining about oh sectarianism this and that I think
    they have had their fair share of sectarianism aswell stop being hypocrites

  3. Feb 2014 ,Administration 2 The sequel ..This time they died ,and they ll
    never be back

  4. Quality from all use bears that were their fucking brilliant so proud
    watching this vid minted.WATP

  5. Sevco comedy gold as always . Did the “team” get home by taxi ? Y.N.W.A.

  6. celtic sing songs about lee rigby, keeping your reputation of being scum i

  7. The steward doing the bouncy hahaha (30s in) Well done to all the Rangers
    fans that went. Makes me so proud to be a bear! WATP!

  8. and I’m wrong say they’re thick fleg scum? Even the authorities, police and
    government are ashamed of these muppets. Not you though it would seem. Now
    you’re here taking issue with me for calling people who sing about jumping
    on people’s head, scum. What else are they but scum for singing that? I’d
    love to hear your answer to that. Some how you’ve managed to wangle British
    soldiers, loyalists and Celtic FC into a comment on the behaviour of those
    in this video. Whataboutery.

  9. your name says hoop spur, making me think you support celtic and spurs, but
    you say YNWA which is a liverpool thing? so confused

  10. It took longer than I thought but the mhanky mob just couldn’t stop
    themselves from commenting on my videos. Nice to have you around!!

  11. As Scotland’s newest club, your quest for respectability and acceptance is
    fascinating to watch.

  12. So do I mate. I think it’ll become a yearly thing coz of the relationship
    that was made. If so, I’ll definitely be there next year. Some of the
    videos are amazing!

  13. Confused, deluded, moronic but that what happens when you support the
    zombie corpse of now dead bigoted establishment. Died chasing Lions Y.N.W.A.

  14. i am a Sheffield wednesday fans and i have to say your the loudest most
    best fans ive seen in my life , carnt wait for the return fixture next year
    ‘we are the people’

  15. Aye, doing youselves proud, we’ll jump on the head of glasgow celtic, up to
    our knees in fenian blood etc. Your new club is a crass and classless as
    the old one.

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