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  1. @mattp9216 – shut up ya fat american, for starters its called Football, none of your gay version of football which includes stupid americans running with a ball in their hands, Good one. American “football” is only watched in USA, whereas the whole of europe and south america and most of the world love the real football which is to you soccer. Our football is a much more watched sport

  2. I HATE HUNS!!! cmon the hoops!! proud to be a tim ya bunch a orange cunts yeeeeezzzzzz!!!!!!!!

  3. and this gets yous smelly—Torbett’s crime became public in 1996 when former footballer Alan Brazil spoke to the Daily´╗┐ Record, revealing that he had been molested at the age of 13 at Torbett’s home in Sighthill, Glasgow. The allegations were heard at the Glasgow Sheriff Court, where Torbett was found guilty on charges of shameless and indecent conduct with´╗┐ three juveniles, between October 1967 and March 1974.[1] In 1998 Torbett was jailed for two and a half years

  4. fuck up ya smelly cunt gone cash in ya grio

    europen cup get it yous haha t.a.l

  5. 1-0 You fucking maggots!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

    The title is won, hope Dundee Utd takes you for second spot. Fenian fuckin’ losers!! HAHAHAHA

  6. fuck your rangers bunch of orange bastards
    supporting a big poof on a horse singing tina turner music hahaha fucking gaydo’s
    you should really take a long look at yaselfs if yous love Britain so much why do nazi sings at football the British hate nazi’s so i take it your german fucks GBTP

  7. Shut up Dave You peice of shit
    And Nazi boy fuckin german
    Will we are 8 points clear at the top of the table
    Scottishily i agree with you Rangers are Awesome and celtic are shite jordan fuck you and conor Apidgey You irish bastard shut the fuck up rangers are the champs

  8. hahaha wit a oad eh pish this song is fs. try get somecunt that kin actually sing in tune fs yeeeeez are pish nd oh aye while i remember check the fuckin top eh the league ya dafties :P:P

  9. “From Ireland they came
    brought us nothing but trouble and shame,
    the famine is over,
    Why don’t you go home”


  10. for all the good that Scotland has ever given the world, why must we put up with people of such low intellect pouring scorn on the Scottish reputation. It’s a sad day when Scotland allows itself to be defined in terms of the drunken, uneducated dispute between ignorant offspring of Irish Catholic immigrants to Scotland and ignorant Irish Protestant immigrants to Scotland. If only either of these losers could realize that both are steeped forever in the ignorance of bigotry and alcoholic haze.

  11. Celtic Football Club You will never walk alone! The bhoys are back with there new manager! 5-0!

  12. tell all the tims ye know that were top eh the league and there no. fuckin up yeez 1-0

  13. celtic 4 for 4 , Good job bhoys ! Cheers from Canada , Fuck the Rangers !

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