Celtic continue on being undefeated so far in this season as they have played 20 matches and claimed 17 triumphs and 3 draws. The superb season the side of Neil Lennon is enjoying have given them a very comfortable spot at the top of the Scottish Premiership league with 54 points.

Neil Lennon praised the mental and physical strength of some of his players that have already played 35 games.

“Our performances have been fantastic. There are only a few clubs now in Europe unbeaten and we want to preserve that for as long as we can. That takes a lot of physical and mental strength and they have shown that in abundance’’.

“Some of our players have played 35 games already. That’s a season for some people and we’re not even out of December yet. We would have dropped points this time last year. There is more of a will to win about this year.

“At times it’s not pretty but you can’t always play silky football the way you’d like. You have to earn the right to play and sometimes you have to dig out a few results. But I always felt we were in control of the game but for that 10 or 15 minutes in the second half.”

Their latest encounter was against St.Mirren and even though the scoreboard displayed 0-0 during the 1st half, Celtic came back into the pitch to play the remaining 45 minutes of the match and scored 4 goals as they claimed their 9th consecutive triumph.

Even Zlatan Ibrahimovic of PSG has praised the work of Celtic as he claimed that any player would want to be in a club with such a big tradition and the Swedish giant stated that ending his career at Celtic would be a wise decision and choice for him to make.