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  1. wait a min is this the scotland celtic or the US celtic. if its scotland celtic they have been having a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad season, but if its the us celtic u might wanna think twice about man utd in the pre season tour

  2. celtic would do over any mls team in a real game and our team at the moment could the poorest one in 10 years, saying that i love america so its not personal, just some advice for american football fans, stay well clear of glasgow rangers, they are scotlands shame and in no way represent scotland

  3. @jyd0402 i dont think your even close bro, as much as i would love for u.s. and mexican soccer to be more relevant in the world, the gap in quality is as big as the euro snobs believe it is. these teams come play here and its just an exhibition game for them, they go half ass. as to our teams here they know they are under dogs so they go out and play their asses off. it they where to be playing an actual tournament and both teams go full speed and all out, it wouldnt be close. sorry but its true

  4. Bullied? Would you like to produce some evidence?

    Parallel to your argument, it must run that people with “Asian” faces, with “African” faces, can never be called Scottish, even if their family goes back as far five or six generations (122 years)…

    Why don’t you take your bigoted agenda and go and live under the sea.

    The Old Firm: Scotland’s shame.

  5. nah celtic aren’t really scottish we started as immigrants from Ireland and we’ve been bullied by the scottis rangers fans for 122 years.

  6. the only reason riordan couldny get a game for yous was cause he was shaggin strachans daughter though :L that was hardly a reserve team celtic fielded. it was a better team than you’re first team is now lol.

  7. hearts, hibs, aberdeen, dundee united – all teams outwith the old firm that have proven themselves at european level.
    aberdeen are the only scottish team to have won two european trophies. The old firm dominate scottish football, but this season look at hibs and dundee united – they outclass any mls side.
    btw, the goal scorer in the vid – derek riordan now plays for hibs and scored twice in their 5-1 win over hamilton today..


  8. ?? The debate is on Celtic, no other side in Scotland.

    imo I know the SPL is shit but Celtic and dare I say Rangers are massive worldwide brands…Institutions if you like…no other MLS team can be mentioned in the same sentence as Celtic FC. Simple as.

  9. Are you firmly standing on your argument? The majority of SPL players cant cut it in europe (greater europe) either. Say you were a motherwell fan or falkirk… would you convinced taht your team would beat Houston Dynamo or Seattle sounders or even DC united? Dude vegas would put any other spl (excluding old firm) as the underdog.

  10. if it was a friendly first half and a real competition 2nd half chicago would get there asses handed to them lol.

  11. How is that any different than Scotland. Anyone who is actually pretty good, either moves to the old firm, england or somewhere else. Face it, if you’re a fan of hibs or hearts motherwell or whoever else.
    You can’t raise your nose up at MLS, the quality is about the same. You guys have more depth, because of the salary cap but that’s it.

    But I’m almost sure, that the Fire could beat Falkirk. MLS teams have managed to be Mexican teams and I rate the Mexican champ over Falkirk and etc.

  12. lol. sorry man but you’re talking shit! how can you say mls teams are as good as any other spl side outwith the old firm?? ok, im not gonna deny that the standard of the other teams isn’t great but even still, all the teams are of a higher standard than the mls ones! mls is predominantly full of journey men and guys who cant cut it playing in europe. sadly that is, and always will be the case…it’s as simple as that.

  13. MLS teams are as good as any team in Scotland outside the Old Firm. Those teams manage to give Celtic a good game in “real” games, so an MLS should as well.

  14. lol riordan couldnt get a game for us in the spl but he scored a great goal against an mls team! what does that tell you? xD

    this was just another preseason friendly for celtic to experiment with some reserve players/tactics to get ready for the real games back home.

    celtic have beaten man utd, milan, juventus, liverpool, barcelona, lyon and so on over the last few years. mls teams would get slaughtered against celtic if they were to play us during the season when they would be at their peak.

  15. shut the fuck up you fuckin spic. You are the same as ManU supporters, just a bunch of Glory Hunting immigrants.

  16. you don’t know how much of a dumb ass you sound like right now haha. If you knew me you would think way differently… but you don’t so your just making shit up. Stupido Strano.

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