17 replies on “Glasgow Celtic FC Soccer AM Crossbar Challenge FULL 2011 Scott Brown in a mankini!”

  1. @andrewgamba99 How many did the lego eater and the spastic score last night? LOL Lego eater did nothing but moan at his team mates, Spastic was subbed for the smelly pele. 2 years since your mob have won a trophy – long may it continue. #SuperCaleygoballisticcelticareatrocious

  2. @gabotheblue must feel bad to have a spastic and a lego eater score 4 goals agains you this season then 🙂

  3. #Rangersforme1 get to hell off this video if u don’t like Celtic ya scummy Hun
    Hail hail

  4. Scott Brown constantly does things that has to be centre of attention if only he made himself as noticed on the pitch. Lego eater scum. Watch my El-Hadji Diouf video he rips ”Broony” to shreds.
    Let’s all do the Dioufy nanananana,nananana

  5. I couldn’t make out a word half them were saying. gary hooper is a spastic and scott brown is a mongo/lego eater. IRA FC shouldn’t be on morning television. only bar paddy mctramp is hitting is bairds.

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