Glasgow Celtic: You’ll Never Walk Alone Compilation

Celtic: You’ll In no way Stroll Alone Compilation brings with each other 3 outstanding occasions wherever 60000 enthusiasts sing YNWA before the matches with Barcelona, Rangers and Manchester United, 3 of the most significant clubs in planet football.

25 replies on “Glasgow Celtic: You’ll Never Walk Alone Compilation”

  1. come on Scotland needs Rangers and Scotland needs Celtic.. life would nt be the same when one is without the other…

  2. Celtic&Liverpool fan Singing YNWA, comes there you a Gänsehaut ..
    Wahnsinn this is real more than Gänsehaut ..

  3. Would Glasgow Rangers have done this since the people of Spain are predominately Catholic?

  4. The Hoops’ fans can create a great atmosphere. That’s why I’ve chosen Celtic, though I live far far far away from the Paradise. For me Celtic is much much more attractive club to support than Rangers.

  5. tht may be true but you know it would have been better if you spelt thursday correst

  6. great next time somone should get a vid from outside the stadum
    am going to do it next qualifire

  7. can i ask why rangers fans even bother to come on to a CELTIC complication video are your song and videos realy that shit you have to sit and watchs your rivals videos ?

  8. hahaha it doesn’t matter if rangers win 1,000,000 league titles. It will never compare to the historic European Cup win by the greatest team in Scotland, CELTIC

  9. Celtic fans are not Spanish either yet they kept a minutes silence. Tha is respect. Not like the Barcelona fans

  10. rangers can take the league
    they can take the cis cup
    they can take the scottish cup
    but one thing they cant take away from celtic is that we have the best supporters in the world

  11. Dundee Bm I follow the SPL and fair enough even if rangers won 52 titles u cant compare the spanish league and the scottish one that make non sense and anyway rangers football is shite ….french celtic supporter
    peace anyway

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