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  1. Tommy was a right footed Left Back so easy mistake to make! Danny also played both positions as did Boyd (Centre Back too and I’d have to rate Tom just above Jackie), McNamara and more recently Wilson – all verstatile players, all capable moving inside as well as down the flanks.

    All of them (to my knowledge) captained the club at some point other than Gemmell (he may have, if anyone can advise?) who of course did captain Dundee to a League Cup Trophy …versus Celtic!

  2. hey glennh ! got any more songs ? if ye do plz upload em cuz i just love thee scot’s music style ! 😀

  3. this man and this song made me want to become a footballer, i wanted to be the next mcnamara at celtic

  4. Proably just as well him and Nakamura weren’t at the club at the same time - comentators might have easily got those names mixed up!

  5. Hail Hail Jackie!!! The guy must sweat and bleed green!!! In his first game against the rangers he outshone the megastars!!Jackie will go down in history as one of the greatest ever Celts!

  6. Jackie will go down in history as one of the greatest Celtic players ever. He gave his heart and soul for The Hoops. The guy probably sweats and bleeds green! Hail Hail!!!!!

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