25 replies on ““Nananana Hey, Hey Glasgow Celtic” – Green Brigade vs Rangers – 2nd March 2011”

  1. i didnt talk shite we are better
    but you have also great support but we still better check the corteo’s from vak 410 thats great

  2. You clearly have no clue about the police forces in scotland then do you. Do you really think the police in this country would allow fans to invade the pitch, start riots etc just to get their own way like they do in this foreign countrys and get away with it. Fans are being prosecuted for singing “offensive” songs and standing up ffs, totally opposite police forces in these countrys which pretty much allows ultras abroad to do what they want while here its the complete opposite

  3. again, you demonstrate you have no idea what ultras are or do. they basically control the club as the owners are scared shitless of them. whatever they say goes, including when the gates open and when they leave after games. please dont compare celtic to this, you sound like a wannabe. have you even seen the beginning of galatasary or beskitas games prior to kick off? no, thought so. finally: “lol”…seriosuly, what are you, 12? go read some football history son.

  4. 2 hours before kick off, the grounds not even open 2 hours before kick off LOL. Celtic do have ultras just because they don’t turn up 2 hours before match means they’re not ultras LOL

  5. @MrHoodie1998 jesus, do you even know what an ultra is?? celtic doesn’t have ultras. ultras are people who turn up at the ground 2 hours before kick off, sing like mentalists until the final whistle and beyond regardless of the score. go to turkey, greece, s. america even italy for real ultras and stop deluding yourselves.

  6. we sat above them in the st johnstone game and when they bang the drum it goes ryt through the floor haaha was gd even though we got beat but hey ho the green brigade are gd

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