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  1. he is one lucky dude Mr Wilson is and good on the Judge for understanding that Mr Wilson hardly anything wrong he barely touched Neil Lennon and since Neil Lennon has brought it on himself i cant really blame him although im not a SPL fan so im neutral im a Manchester United fan FTW !!! and if cops are reading this comment or any other fucking security service just know thats my opinion and i hae nothing personal against Neil plus il never see him coz i only go to Man U games ๐Ÿ™‚ peace im out

  2. ”i do not promote hatred against neil lennon, celtic, catholics or rangers”? your description begs to differ

  3. When I see depressing things like this happening in the world the first thing that comes to mind is, “the world is in a state of chasis, and so is my buttercrust bread!”

  4. @madeinbritain1991 1890’S?? fuck me, you lot still shout about somethin that happened in the 1690’s…hahahahahaha dick. G.B.T.P

  5. @LosSanPatrios

    That’s exactly where every last Papist is heading when they die. (hopefully soon.)

  6. @EmbraLoyalist89 .. As the honourable gentleman says.. The Hibs mob were very active recently.. Late 80s, lmao.. Away and get a job ya fuckin radge !.. ps, i’m white.. Take a seat ;- )

  7. @EmbraLoyalist89 ..The Hibs mob was VERY active last season.. I didn’t read the ret of your shit.. Iam Scottish living in Southsea.. I was there in the mid- late 80s when it happened so stop listning to tales from your big brother and talking absolute wank.. FTP.

  8. @EmbraLoyalist89 .. You forgot about SPL titles and European Final Appearances..
    Winning something is the 1890’s isn’t something to shout about, most people only had 3 legs then. PREHISTORIC victories ; -) LMFAO……. NO SURRENDER !!!!!!!!

  9. @madeinbritain1991

    Heart of Midlothian Fc..

    Scottish League Champions:1894โ€“95, 1896โ€“97, 1957โ€“58, 1959โ€“60
    Runner-up:1893-94, 1898-99, 1903-04, 1905-06, 1914-15, 1937-38, 1953-54, 1956-57, 1958-59, 1964-65, 1985-86, 1987-88, 1991-92, 2005-06
    Scottish Cup:1891, 1896, 1901, 1906, 1956, 1998, 2006
    Scottish League Cup:1954, 1958, 1959, 1962

    that’s who we are ya daft wee knobend.. go and play with imiss80s100 he seems to like you XXX

  10. @imissthe80s100

    you obviosly know fuck all about football casuals so ill give you a wee update.. the hibs ‘mob’ havent been active since the late 80s and even then they were a bunch of runaway fenian tossers. aberdeen aka the ‘red ultras’ are a bunch of 10 year olds waving flags about. and do motherwell even have a mob LOL.. rangers icf are a bunch of 50 year old crippled fannys that don’t even run glasgow never mind scotland ๐Ÿ˜‰

    stick to english football ya black blastard

    CSF. FTP

  11. @imissthe80s100 , well said, that loyalist knob is a silly little troll. Just a fake mouthpiece who knows shit lol.

  12. @EmbraLoyalist89 .. Hibs, Aberdeen and Motherwell started the casuals in Scotland and Rangers also have a name connected to football violence.. Hearts ? When did they get a mob ?.. Go to Tynecastle it’s silly wee boys trying to recreate the glory days when they missed the real swedging back in the day.. The last time Hearts were feared was in the Skinhead days.. You should grab yourself a seat wee man.. Madeinbritain1991 is English and he knows more than you.. Sit down and be quiet little man ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. @EmbraLoyalist89 .. Al ask you again, Who are Hearts (Your reference to casuals lmao).. All i said was it is common knowledge that CCS are the main firm in Scotland.. (that doesn’t make me a Hibs fan).. Just saying the facts.. Anyway how many leagues have you won ?. How many Euro finals have you been to ?.. Fuckall is the answer, and if you think finishing 3rd in the SPL is a success, well that says it all.. Go and inject some windolene with your inbred family, ya silly looking cunt.. W A T P.

  14. @madeinbritain1

    this cunt disnae know who he supports.. rangers or hibs lol?? go to bed you utter clown. *who are hearts? the team that easily finished 3rd last season and will finish above rangers next season ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. @rangersforme1 .. Yeah he was brought up a Hibby mate. So he is a traitor and a pedo. Tut Tut !!!

  16. @madeinbritain1991 Celtic are pedos but Craig Thomson of Hearts is actually a lifelong Hibs fan it was in the paper the other day, think maybe a Hearts fan made sure they highlighted he wasn’t actually a Hearts boy lol, look it up. I’m Rangers and agree with you on the Celtic front and don’t have anything against Hibs but he is a Hibs boy not Hearts.

  17. @MrTEEEFF 700 british soldiers, il be dancing on their graves, go lick the queens saggy, wrinkly old tits ya fucking slave

  18. @EmbraLoyalist89 . Graeme Rix was also a peedo. If you tolerate rix then your children will be next.

  19. @EmbraLoyalist89 . Craig Thomson is a beast on sex offenders register and BIG JIM KNEW.. Who are Hearts anyway ? Hibernian CCS the main men in Embra.. W A T P.

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