Celtic skipper Scott Brown says the club would bounce back from their 4-0 loss at Tynecastle. The loss ended their 69-game unbeaten run in domestic football and the first domestic loss under Coach Brendan Rodgers.

Brown insists that the players will not suffer a negative reaction to the loss even though he admitted that they were affected by the halt of the record run.

“Confidence is a little but dented with the way we performed, but we’ll bounce back. We’ve got a big enough squad, we can deal with this. We’ll be looking to kick on. The lucky thing about football is that we now have another game coming along to bounce back at Celtic Park.”

The Scottish champs will host Partick Thistle on Wednesday. Winning that game will set them five points clear of Aberdeen at the top of the Premiership and it would serve as a confidence boost after such embarrassing defeat.

Brown says the team is not suffering fatigue like many would like to point to. He said the team played about nine to ten games last December, including Champions League games, but they went unbeaten. He added that the 69-game unbeaten run remains one of the “proudest achievements” of his career. He says the record run will go down in history but that history is meant to be rewritten.

On the game against Hearts, Brown said it was good for Scottish football that teen star Harry Cochrane played in the midfield and 16-year old Anthony McDonald featured as a substitute in the second half. He praised their efforts and hopes more youngsters followed their path.

Hearts won the battle in the midfield and with their togetherness, they buried their opponents. Their attacks were productive and they quickly recovered to shock Rodgers and his boys.