16 replies on “The Blarney Pilgrims When Saturday Comes Around”

  1. fuckin puts a tear in your eye, blarney pilgrims are one of the best rebel bands around. Would love to have seen them live.

  2. @jdbhoy88 sorry mate was offline for ages. Yea travel with Naomh Padraig but haven gone over with them in round a year, just after moving into a house a the funds were tight. Do you go over with go over with Naomh Padraig??

  3. brings back a lot of memories.brilliant video mate. god bless wee jinky and tommy.

  4. @garlybhoy Same here mate,i would be over at Celtic Park nearly every home game by bus,absolutely love it,i’d rarely miss,but now we fly to most of them,It really is hard to beat the old days,they were the best.I totally agree with you Celtic is so much more than just about the football it’s a way of life.I firmly believe your born a Celtic fan.I live and breathe the club every day!!
    What club did you travel with in Dublin was it Naomh Padraig ?

  5. The images in this video are superb mate. And the music too. When I seen Peter Grant near the end just made me remember what it is to be a tim. Never give up hope we’re almost playing the perfect football. Never mind Europe as long as we beat the huns. Hail Hail.
    ps God bless TB.

  6. At the end of the day we never supported them for the footabll. We used to travel 22 hours from Dublin by Bus to watch them Maybe get a 1 1 draw with Motherwell back in the day. We’re more than a Footabll Club

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