There has been constant talk of Scottish clubs being introduced into the English Premier league in order to improve the financial situation of the Scottish clubs.

The Premier league is one of the most watched leagues across the world and it generates a huge amount of money as television revenue. There is a vast difference between what the English clubs and the Scottish clubs receive as TV money. The only substantial TV money for Scottish clubs comes from the Champions League, which amounts to £ 30 million if they qualify for the group stages.

As a result, there has been talk of making the top Scottish clubs play in the English Premier league and one of the first participants is likely to be Celtic with their huge fan following. The proposal has also generated considerable amount of discontent, as it has led to the argument that other Scottish clubs will decline considerably if Celtic depart the Premier league. Celtic manager Neil Lennon, though, has stated that he will be one of the first persons to rejoice at the prospect of managing his club in the Premier league.

Lennon has done exceedingly well in the last few years and has even managed to take the club into the last 16 of the Champions league last season.

“The ideal scenario for me would be to manage Celtic in the Premier League but whether that will ever happen or not I don’t know. Maybe one day it will happen but at the minute we are content to keep going as we are. It’s just a nice thought. We all harbour ambitions to better ourselves and I’m no different from anyone else but I’ve got a big job on my hands at the minute. European football and winning championships is the driving force behind us,” said Lennon.