Celtic Park Is Named Best In The World Of Football Fan, Who Has Visited More Than 500 Stadiums

Hoops stadium has been admired for its atmosphere by an Italian football fan. He uses to travel to the world watching games. The fans of football have visited over 500 stages and have called Celtic Park as the world’s finest. The supporter of Italian Federico Roccio has spent all his life traveling all over the world and visiting different grounds, according to him, no club is better than Celtic in compare.

He has visited some of the best stages in the world and was in Scotland recently in the month of September when he took a game between Hearts and St Johnstone on Tynecastle. Roccio had been to the Celtic Park during he was supporting his own club in the Champions League game AC Milan back in the year 2013, as the Italian giants won with the score 3-0 and he was so surprised to see the beauty of the Glasgow venue that he called it the best stadium he has ever visited.

The last arena the ground, he visited was the Benito Stripe Stadium, he went there to watch Frosinone take Empoli in Series A, meaning that he had seen all stadiums in the top flight of Italian. Minnows took the decision to feature him on the website of their club and ask him where the best stadiums were he has visited so far.

He said: “There is no doubt, especially for the atmosphere, there is no better stadium then the Celtic Park in the Glasgow. I recall by the conclusion of a Celtic vs. AC Milan game, and with Rossoneri victorious, the local fans came out and waving their scarves. This was the wonderful gesture in today’s football.” Well, this is not the first time Roccio was seen praising the Celtic Park.