Five Players Got Injured At Celtic Old Firm Game

While trying to get into the Old Firm game at Celtic Park on Sunday, five people got injured. One person was hospitalized as he was taken to the hospital looking at his injuries, after falling from a wall while others were given the primary treatment at the scene before moving into the match.

The fans of Celtic few supporters of the team were pushed to climb over the high fence in-order to escape the crush and the reason for the incident is that, the entry point of the stadium was changed. Celtic FC and Police after the incident have said that the team would review the entire process.

The accident took place about 20 minutes before the kick-off of the match as the supporters of Celtic attempt to make their way into the stadium. Earlier the police cordoned off a part of the London Road to let 800 fans of Rangers access. This has forced more numbers of home supporters to use the entry point of Janefield Street, than before. After that hundreds of people caught in the two-way crush happened in the corridor under the North Stand part.

A spokesman of the police confirmed that the entry to the area has been temporarily stopped and London Road has been re-opened to avoid the congestion.

People were panicking

A supporter on the condition of anonymity, said, ‚ÄúPeople were unable to take a walk round the stadium, thus there became a bottleneck under the North Stand. And all of a sudden, an absolute crush was there because as about 1,000 people were trying to get one way and almost same number of people were trying to go the other way. And the width of the corridor is so much that it allows only six to seven people to cross it.”