Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers says there is “no embarrassment” in their loss in the first leg of their game with Gibraltar part timers Lincoln Red Imps.

The game which is the first competitive one for the former Reds boss ended in a 1-0 shock defeat but the manager is staying clam even as fans rumble. The goal came from police officer Lee Casciaro in the Tuesday encounter. The goal made the record for the worst defeat for Celtic and throws they under pressure for the return leg when they meet at Celtic Park.

The Imps surprisingly had a fireman, a customs officer and a taxi driver so the fans were angry that such combinations could still defeat a professional side that lifted the Scottish League in the last campaign. Rodgers said he wasn’t shocked as these things happen in football at the time. He asked that the players, fans and supporters of the club remain calm but that they would need to put up a performance at the return leg if they are to play in the Champions League.

Celtic is set to welcome their opponents, the champions of Gibraltar when they visit Glasgow next week Wednesday for the second leg of the second qualifying round.

“We dominated and had enough chances, but sometimes it can happen like that… one ball up the pitch and they’re in. You let the local team have their night, we press on , another week’s training and be better for it,” the coach said.

He said there was no need to panic as it’s a two legged affair that shouldn’t be judged just yet with just one leg played. He asked for the support of the fans in the second leg when they meet in the following week even though they were disappointed with the results.