Mark Schwarzer: Daniel Arzani Celtic Move was a Mistake

Mark Schwarzer is the former goalkeeper for Australia. He is considered to be a legend for the Australian football team. He admitted that Daniel Arzani took a wrong decision. He fears that he made a big mistake by moving to Celtic at that moment. Daniel, the 20-year-old footballer, played for Manchester City, as he was signed right after the World Cup held in the year 2018. After that, he was sent to Celtic Park. He suffered from a cruciate ligament injury at his debut match. He has been able to play only one match for the club since he joined it.

In fact, Daniel Arzani has not been able to play in the last ten months for Celtic Park which is managed by Neil Lennon. The loan between him and Celtic is for two years that comes to an end this season. According to Mark, he is considered to be the next big thing for Australian football and he has hope that Daniel will be able to accomplish his potential amidst all the injury blows that he is going through currently. On the other hand, the former Australian goalkeeper still believes that it was not the best option for him to move to Celtic Park. He said that Daniel can be considered as one of those players who have given much excitement, particularly in the 2018 World Cup.

The 20-year-old faced injury at the worst time of his life when he was just about to start off and got the very first opportunity to play from the beginning for the team said, Mark. It was very unfortunate for him that he could not play well for not only Celtic Park, but also in the Australian team. Great hopes are there for Mark that he will be fit soon and will get back to the level where he was before he got injured.